Body Camera Group Purchase


CIS members will have two options when choosing the Body Camera Grant:

Option One:  CIS member can apply for a body camera grant, up to $1,000, for any brand of body camera.  See attached grant application for details.  Body Camera Grant

Option Two: CIS members can take advantage of a group purchased agreement we have with BodyWorn Camera system. See below for details.
CIS members can secure discounted pricing on body camera equipment and video storage. With each body camera purchased, you’ll receive two free uniforms per officer. 
CIS has partnered with Utility Associates, Inc. on the BodyWorn system that automatically records video, has gunshot detection and can trigger officer-down alerts. It also incorporates GPS, motion sensors, real-time communications, live video streaming and artificial intelligence.  The Utility system was the unanimous choice of law enforcement leaders reviewing responses to a CIS-issued RFP for body cameras and video storage.
Your IT department will appreciate that all recorded video is stored in Utility’s CJIS-compliant, cloud-based evidence management system, greatly reducing the burden on your staff.
  • BodyWorn camera and sleeve
  • Two outer carrier vests or four uniform shirts
  • One Bluetooth BodyWorn wrist/belt trigger
  • Video management software and mapping interface license
  • Unlimited video storage and download (based on department’s retention policy)
  • Training and configuration (both onsite and online training included)
  • AVaiLWeb — a secure command and control web service that features real time, automatic, map-based views of locations as well as status of all mobile operations (officers, law enforcement vehicles, and other assets)
  • SmartRedaction — a tool that identifies and redacts all faces and body parts in a video
  • SmartScene 360 —  a way to view a crime scene in 3D, long after an incident occurs
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) — a delivery model that’s centrally hosted as part of your subscription
  • Technical Support — a 24/7 support system for the life of the contract (60 months)
  • Full Warranty
For each paid body camera, one vehicle will be equipped with:
  • BodyWorn vehicle triggers
  • Vehicle installation, validation, and configuration
When you purchase a body camera through Utility, you can receive a $1,000 grant from CIS. This is a one-time reimbursable grant. For information, contact CIS’ Deputy Property/Liability Trust Director Officer Dave Nelson at or 503-763-3847.
Five-year price guarantee in effect through August 2022
(1-25 Officers)
(26-200 Officers)
(201-1,000 Officers)
Annual Cost
Monthly Cost*
One-Time Cost per Camera
Total Cost Year 1
CIS members that have liability coverage can contact Utility to receive the discount, but must mention that they are CIS members.
Contact Utility Sales Representative David Shook at 971-222-9125 or by email at