CIS Board of Trustees

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

August 21, 2020 

The CIS Board of Trustees will convene via a conference call on August 21, from 9 a.m. to noon.


Discussion Items
  • P/L & WC Renewal Results (Scott Moss)
    1. Underwriting results and program makeup for 2020-21
    2. Reinsurance results and program structure for 2020-21
  • Emerging Risks (Scott 
Information Item
  • Claims & Litigation Report (Dave Nelson)
Action Items
  • Appointment of Officers (Chair Gandee)
    • Select AOC Appointee as Vice-Chair for 2020-21
    • Select Finance and Audit Committee Members
  • Board meeting schedule (Patrick Priest)
    • Adopt schedule for Board meetings in 2021
  • Supplemental Budget (Eric Yahnke)
    • Adopt a supplemental budget for 2020-21
Consent Items
  • Approval of Board Meeting Minutes (Patrick)
    • Approve minutes of the June 15 meeting
Discussion Items
  • Strategic Plan Update (Patrick)
    • Receive a report on activities in support of the Strategic Plan 
  • Financial Report as of June 30, 2020 (Eric)
    • Receive a copy of preliminary financial statements for CIS
  • Investment Results and Policy Review (Eric, PFM)
    • Receive and discuss Investment Manager’s report
  • Planning for the Board Retreat (Patrick)
    • Receive and comment on agenda for Board’s annual retreat in January 2021
  • Legislative Update (Kirk Mylander)
    • Receive and comment on legislative issues expected in the 2021 Session
  • CIS Conference (Scott)
    • Receive and discuss plans for the 2021 CIS Conference
Noon – Adjournment