Peace of mind for injured workers and their employers

CIS24: a unique way to ensure prompt care for injured workers

Members with both CIS workers' compensation and CIS medical coverage now have the benefit of CIS24 for their injured workers. 
CIS24 removes the uncertainty that can delay medical care for an injured worker in the critical 60-day window in which workers' comp claims are evaluated. Traditionally, medical providers don't want to undertake extensive treatment until they know they'll be paid.  Health insurers don't want to pay a claim that may be workers' compensation.  The injured employee can be caught in the middle.
But since CIS' workers' comp program and Regence medical plan are both self-insured, CIS is like a pair of pants with two pockets.  We know we're going to pay the claim... it's just a question of which pocket we'll pay it from.   So, we pay medical costs under the workers' compensation fee schedule until we can determine if the claim will be accepted or denied.
If the claim is accepted - as the vast majority of workers' comp claims are - then CIS continues to process it under workers' comp.  If the claim is denied, Regence processes the services under the medical plan, and reimburses the workers' compensation program as needed.
There's nothing that the employer or employee have to do; it all happens behind the scenes.  The peace of mind that comes from CIS24 means that the worker can focus on getting well, and the employer can focus on getting the worker back on the job.