Since 1981 CIS has been the trusted provider of coverage for Oregon’s cities and counties. Member-owned and governed, CIS is available only to the members of the League of Oregon Cities and the Association of Oregon Counties. CIS brings its members together to meet the unique risk management and financing needs of local public entities, offering Workers’ Compensation, Property, Liability and Employee Benefits.
Reduce your exposure to claims for injuries and more, by accurately accounting for and managing the volunteers on your team. CIS provides sample templates, documents, and policies to use as guides in tailoring your volunteer program.
On June 25, 2014, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Riley v. California, 573 U.S. __ (2014) that police must get a warrant before searching a cell phone found on the possession of an arrestee. This resolves conflicting rules that courts had enacted in various jurisdictions across the country, and directly overturns the rule of California Supreme Court in People v. Diaz, 51 Cal. 4th 84, 244 P. 3d 502 (2011).
2013 CIS Annual Report (Portal Services)
When challenge meets innovation, good things happen. The 2013 CIS Annual Report focuses on challenges that we've addressed with new ideas and new resources.